Connection Information


TSAPI / Telnet


Basic TSAPI licenses to cover the number of required extensions, plus any physical transport (ie C-LAN, MAP-D) as appropriate

Firewall Requirements:

To PBX - TCP: 5023 (Telnet)
To TSAPI server - TCP: 450 (TSAPI)
Plus additional TCP ports: 1020-1200 (TSAPI)

PBX Information


The Avaya Definity connects onto the LAN via the C-LAN interface and the MAP/D card. A separate TSAPI or AES server is also required.
The Avaya Communication Manager connects onto the LAN via the Processor Ethernet connection (or C-LAN interface). A separate AES server (version 3 plus) is also required.
The IP address and other settings of the telephone system are set through the Telnet programming interface. Named licenses are not supported.

Driver Requirements:


Firmware Requirements (for new installations):

Avaya Definity: Release 7
Avaya Communication Manager: CM3